Recipe action reference - AWS Glue DataBrew

Recipe action reference

In this reference, you can find descriptions of the recipe actions that you can use programmatically, either from the AWS CLI or by using one of the AWS SDKs.

The recipe actions are organized here by category as shown following, reading from left to right.

Categories for transformations in the UI include the following, in the order that displays in the UI:

  • Basic column transformations

    • Filter

    • Column

  • Data cleaning

    • Format

    • Clean

    • Extract

  • Data quality

    • Missing

    • Invalid

    • Duplicates

    • Outliers

  • Column structure

    • Split

    • Merge

    • Create

  • Functions

    • Functions

  • Data structure

    • Unnest

    • Pivot

    • Group

    • Join

    • Union

  • Data science

    • Text

    • Scale

    • Mapping

    • Encode

For more information about how these actions are used in a recipe (including the user of condition expressions) see Defining a recipe structure.

The following sections describe the recipe actions, organized by what they do.