TIME - AWS Glue DataBrew


Creates a new column containing the time value, from the source columns or values provided.

  • dateTimeFormat – Optional. A format string for the date, as it is to appear in the new column. If this string isn't specified, the default format is yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS.

  • dateTimeParameters – A JSON-encoded string representing the components of the date and time:

    • year

    • value

    • month

    • day

    • hour

    • second

    Each component must specify one of the following:

    • sourceColumn – The name of an existing column.

    • value – A character string to evaluate.

  • targetColumn – A name for the newly created column.


{ "RecipeAction": { "Operation": "TIME", "Parameters": { "dateTimeFormat": "HH:MM:SS", "dateTimeParameters": "{\"year\":{},\"month\":{},\"day\":{},\"hour\":{\"sourceColumn\":\"rand_hour\"},\"minute\":{\"sourceColumn\":\"rand_minute\"},\"second\":{\"sourceColumn\":\"rand_second\"}}", "targetColumn": "TIME Column 1" } } }