Adding an IAM role with data resource permissions - AWS Glue DataBrew

Adding an IAM role with data resource permissions

You use IAM roles to manage policies that are assigned together. An IAM role can be used by someone acting in a particular role, such as a DataBrew user or DataBrew itself. For more information, see IAM Roles in the IAM User Guide.

Use the following procedure to create an IAM role that is required for DataBrew projects to access data.

To attach the required IAM policy to a new IAM role for DataBrew
  1. In the navigation pane, choose Roles, Create Role.

  2. For Select type of trusted entity, choose the card labeled AWS service.

  3. Choose DataBrew from the list, then choose Next: Permissions.

  4. Enter AwsGlueDataBrewDataResourcePolicy in the search box (the IAM policy you created in an earlier step). Select the policy and choose Next: Tags.

  5. Choose Next: Review.

  6. For Role name, enter AwsGlueDataBrewDataAccessRole, and choose Create role.