AWS Data Pipeline
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-10-29)

Task Runner on AWS Data Pipeline-Managed Resources

When a resource is launched and managed by AWS Data Pipeline, the web service automatically installs Task Runner on that resource to process tasks in the pipeline. You specify a computational resource (either an Amazon EC2 instance or an Amazon EMR cluster) for the runsOn field of an activity object. When AWS Data Pipeline launches this resource, it installs Task Runner on that resource and configures it to process all activity objects that have their runsOn field set to that resource. When AWS Data Pipeline terminates the resource, the Task Runner logs are published to an Amazon S3 location before it shuts down.

                    Task runner life cycle on an AWS Data Pipeline-managed resource

For example, if you use the EmrActivity in a pipeline, and specify an EmrCluster resource in the runsOn field. When AWS Data Pipeline processes that activity, it launches an Amazon EMR cluster and installs Task Runner onto the master node. This Task Runner then processes the tasks for activities that have their runsOn field set to that EmrCluster object. The following excerpt from a pipeline definition shows this relationship between the two objects.

{ "id" : "MyEmrActivity", "name" : "Work to perform on my data", "type" : "EmrActivity", "runsOn" : {"ref" : "MyEmrCluster"}, "preStepCommand" : "scp remoteFiles localFiles", "step" : "s3://myBucket/myPath/myStep.jar,firstArg,secondArg", "step" : "s3://myBucket/myPath/myOtherStep.jar,anotherArg", "postStepCommand" : "scp localFiles remoteFiles", "input" : {"ref" : "MyS3Input"}, "output" : {"ref" : "MyS3Output"} }, { "id" : "MyEmrCluster", "name" : "EMR cluster to perform the work", "type" : "EmrCluster", "hadoopVersion" : "0.20", "keypair" : "myKeyPair", "masterInstanceType" : "m1.xlarge", "coreInstanceType" : "m1.small", "coreInstanceCount" : "10", "taskInstanceType" : "m1.small", "taskInstanceCount": "10", "bootstrapAction" : "s3://elasticmapreduce/libs/ba/configure-hadoop,arg1,arg2,arg3", "bootstrapAction" : "s3://elasticmapreduce/libs/ba/configure-other-stuff,arg1,arg2" }

For information and examples of running this activity, see EmrActivity.

If you have multiple AWS Data Pipeline-managed resources in a pipeline, Task Runner is installed on each of them, and they all poll AWS Data Pipeline for tasks to process.