Step 4: Monitor the Pipeline Runs - AWS Data Pipeline

Step 4: Monitor the Pipeline Runs

After you activate your pipeline, you are taken to the Execution details page where you can monitor the progress of your pipeline.

To monitor the progress of your pipeline runs

  1. Choose Update or press F5 to update the status displayed.


    If there are no runs listed, ensure that Start (in UTC) and End (in UTC) cover the scheduled start and end of your pipeline, and then choose Update.

  2. When the status of every object in your pipeline is FINISHED, your pipeline has successfully completed the scheduled tasks. If you created an SNS notification, you should receive email about the successful completion of this task.

  3. If your pipeline doesn't complete successfully, check your pipeline settings for issues. For more information about troubleshooting failed or incomplete instance runs of your pipeline, see Resolving Common Problems.