Step 5: Verify the Data Export File - AWS Data Pipeline

Step 5: Verify the Data Export File

Next, verify that the data export occurred successfully using viewing the output file contents.

To view the export file contents
  1. Open the Amazon S3 console.

  2. On the Buckets pane, click the Amazon S3 bucket that contains your file output (the example pipeline uses the output path s3://mybucket/output/MyTable) and open the output file with your preferred text editor. The output file name is an identifier value with no extension, such as this example: ae10f955-fb2f-4790-9b11-fbfea01a871e_000000.

  3. Using your preferred text editor, view the contents of the output file and ensure that there is a data file that corresponds to the DynamoDB source table. The presence of this text file indicates that the export operation from DynamoDB to the output file occurred successfully.