AWS Data Pipeline
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-10-29)


HttpProxy allows you to configure your own proxy and make Task Runner access the AWS Data Pipeline service through it. You do not need to configure a running Task Runner with this information.

Example of an HttpProxy in TaskRunner

The following pipeline definition shows an HttpProxy object:

{ "objects": [ { "schedule": { "ref": "Once" }, "pipelineLogUri": "s3://myDPLogUri/path", "name": "Default", "id": "Default" }, { "name": "test_proxy", "hostname": "hostname", "port": "port", "username": "username", "*password": "password", "windowsDomain": "windowsDomain", "type": "HttpProxy", "id": "test_proxy", }, { "name": "ShellCommand", "id": "ShellCommand", "runsOn": { "ref": "Resource" }, "type": "ShellCommandActivity", "command": "echo 'hello world' " }, { "period": "1 day", "startDateTime": "2013-03-09T00:00:00", "name": "Once", "id": "Once", "endDateTime": "2013-03-10T00:00:00", "type": "Schedule" }, { "role": "dataPipelineRole", "httpProxy": { "ref": "test_proxy" }, "actionOnResourceFailure": "retrynone", "maximumRetries": "0", "type": "Ec2Resource", "terminateAfter": "10 minutes", "resourceRole": "resourceRole", "name": "Resource", "actionOnTaskFailure": "terminate", "securityGroups": "securityGroups", "keyPair": "keyPair", "id": "Resource", "region": "us-east-1" } ], "parameters": [] }


Required Fields Description Slot Type
hostname Host of the proxy which clients will use to connect to AWS Services. String
port Port of the proxy host which the clients will use to connect to AWS Services. String

Optional Fields Description Slot Type
parent Parent of the current object from which slots will be inherited. Reference Object, e.g. "parent":{"ref":"myBaseObjectId"}
*password Password for proxy. String
s3NoProxy Disable the HTTP proxy when connecting to Amazon S3 Boolean
username User name for proxy. String
windowsDomain The Windows domain name for NTLM Proxy. String
windowsWorkgroup The Windows workgroup name for NTLM Proxy. String

Runtime Fields Description Slot Type
@version Pipeline version the object was created with. String

System Fields Description Slot Type
@error Error describing the ill-formed object. String
@pipelineId Id of the pipeline to which this object belongs to. String
@sphere The sphere of an object denotes its place in the lifecycle: Component Objects give rise to Instance Objects which execute Attempt Objects. String