AWS Data Pipeline
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-10-29)


Use with an Activity to run a shell script for preActivityTaskConfig and postActivityTaskConfig. This object is available for HadoopActivity, HiveActivity, HiveCopyActivity, and PigActivity. You specify an S3 URI and a list of arguments for the script.


A ShellScriptConfig with arguments:

{ "id" : "ShellScriptConfig_1”, "name" : “prescript”, "type" : "ShellScriptConfig", "scriptUri": “s3://my-bucket/”, "scriptArgument" : ["arg1","arg2"] }


This object includes the following fields.

Optional Fields Description Slot Type
parent Parent of the current object from which slots are inherited. Reference Object, for example, "parent":{"ref":"myBaseObjectId"}
scriptArgument A list of arguments to use with the shell script. String
scriptUri The script URI in Amazon S3 that should be downloaded and run. String

Runtime Fields Description Slot Type
@version Pipeline version that the object was created with. String

System Fields Description Slot Type
@error Error describing the ill-formed object. String
@pipelineId ID of the pipeline to which this object belongs. String
@sphere The sphere of an object denotes its place in the lifecycle: Component Objects give rise to Instance Objects, which execute Attempt Objects. String

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