SnsAlarm - AWS Data Pipeline


Sends an Amazon SNS notification message when an activity fails or finishes successfully.


The following is an example of this object type. The values for node.input and node.output come from the data node or activity that references this object in its onSuccess field.

{ "id" : "SuccessNotify", "name" : "SuccessNotify", "type" : "SnsAlarm", "topicArn" : "arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:28619EXAMPLE:ExampleTopic", "subject" : "COPY SUCCESS: #{node.@scheduledStartTime}", "message" : "Files were copied from #{node.input} to #{node.output}." }


Required Fields Description Slot Type
message The body text of the Amazon SNS notification. String
role The IAM role to use to create the Amazon SNS alarm. String
subject The subject line of the Amazon SNS notification message. String
topicArn The destination Amazon SNS topic ARN for the message. String

Optional Fields Description Slot Type
parent Parent of the current object from which slots will be inherited. Reference Object, e.g. "parent":{"ref":"myBaseObjectId"}

Runtime Fields Description Slot Type
node The node for which this action is being performed. Reference Object, e.g. "node":{"ref":"myRunnableObjectId"}
@version Pipeline version the object was created with. String

System Fields Description Slot Type
@error Error describing the ill-formed object. String
@pipelineId Id of the pipeline to which this object belongs to. String
@sphere The sphere of an object denotes its place in the lifecycle: Component Objects give rise to Instance Objects which execute Attempt Objects. String