Terminate - AWS Data Pipeline


An action to trigger the cancellation of a pending or unfinished activity, resource, or data node. AWS Data Pipeline attempts to put the activity, resource, or data node into the CANCELLED state if it does not start by the lateAfterTimeout value.

You cannot terminate actions that include onSuccess, OnFail, or onLateAction resources.


The following is an example of this object type. In this example, the onLateAction field of MyActivity contains a reference to the action DefaultAction1. When you provide an action for onLateAction, you must also provide a lateAfterTimeout value to indicate the period of time since the scheduled start of the pipeline after which the activity is considered late.

{ "name" : "MyActivity", "id" : "DefaultActivity1", "schedule" : { "ref" : "MySchedule" }, "runsOn" : { "ref" : "MyEmrCluster" }, "lateAfterTimeout" : "1 Hours", "type" : "EmrActivity", "onLateAction" : { "ref" : "DefaultAction1" }, "step" : [ "s3://myBucket/myPath/myStep.jar,firstArg,secondArg", "s3://myBucket/myPath/myOtherStep.jar,anotherArg" ] }, { "name" : "TerminateTasks", "id" : "DefaultAction1", "type" : "Terminate" }


Optional Fields Description Slot Type
parent Parent of the current object from which slots are inherited. Reference Object, for example "parent":{"ref":"myBaseObjectId"}

Runtime Fields Description Slot Type
node The node for which this action is being performed. Reference Object, for example "node":{"ref":"myRunnableObjectId"}
@version Pipeline version that the object was created with. String

System Fields Description Slot Type
@error Error describing the ill-formed object. String
@pipelineId ID of the pipeline to which this object belongs. String
@sphere The sphere of an object denotes its place in the lifecycle: Component Objects give rise to Instance Objects, which execute Attempt Objects. String