Locating Errors in Pipelines - AWS Data Pipeline

Locating Errors in Pipelines

The AWS Data Pipeline console is a convenient tool to visually monitor the status of your pipelines and easily locate any errors related to failed or incomplete pipeline runs.

To locate errors about failed or incomplete runs with the console

  1. On the List Pipelines page, if the Status column of any of your pipeline instances shows a status other than FINISHED, either your pipeline is waiting for some precondition to be met or it has failed and you need to troubleshoot the pipeline.

  2. On the List Pipelines page, locate the instance pipeline and select the triangle to the left of it, to expand the details.

  3. At the bottom of this panel, choose View execution details; the Instance summary panel opens to show the details of the selected instance.

  4. In the Instance summary panel, select the triangle next to the instance to see additional details of the instance, and choose Details, More... If the status of your selected instance is FAILED, the details box has entries for the error message, the errorStackTrace and other information. You can save this information into a file. Choose OK.

  5. In the Instance summary pane, choose Attempts, to see details for each attempt row.

  6. To take an action on your incomplete or failed instance, select the check box next the instance. This activates the actions. Then, select an action (Rerun|Cancel|Mark Finished).