AWS Data Pipeline
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-10-29)

Viewing Your Pipeline Definitions

Use the AWS Data Pipeline console or the command line interface (CLI) to view your pipeline definition. The console shows a graphical representation, while the CLI prints a pipeline definition file, in JSON format. For information about the syntax and usage of pipeline definition files, see Pipeline Definition File Syntax.

To view a pipeline definition using the console

  1. On the List Pipelines page, click the Pipeline ID for the desired pipeline, which displays the pipeline Architect page.

  2. On the pipeline Architect page, click the object icons in the design pane to expand the corresponding section in the right pane.

    Alternatively, expand one of the sections in the right pane to view its objects and their associated fields.

  3. If your pipeline definition graph does not fit in the design pane, use the pan buttons on the right side of the design pane to slide the canvas.

                            Pan buttons
  4. You can also view the entire text pipeline definition by clicking Export. A dialog appears with the JSON pipeline definition.

If you are using the CLI, it's a good idea to retrieve the pipeline definition before you submit modifications, because it's possible that another user or process changed the pipeline definition after you last worked with it. By downloading a copy of the current definition and using that as the basis for your modifications, you can be sure that you are working with the most recent pipeline definition. It's also a good idea to retrieve the pipeline definition again after you modify it, so that you can ensure that the update was successful.

If you are using the CLI, you can get two different versions of your pipeline. The active version is the pipeline that is currently running. The latest version is a copy that's created when you edit a running pipeline. When you upload the edited pipeline, it becomes the active version and the previous active version is no longer available.

To get a pipeline definition using the AWS CLI

To get the complete pipeline definition, use the get-pipeline-definition command. The pipeline definition is printed to standard output (stdout).

The following example gets the pipeline definition for the specified pipeline.

aws datapipeline get-pipeline-definition --pipeline-id df-00627471SOVYZEXAMPLE

To retrieve a specific version of a pipeline, use the --version option. The following example retrieves the active version of the specified pipeline.

aws datapipeline get-pipeline-definition --version active --id df-00627471SOVYZEXAMPLE