AWS DataSync
User Guide

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Start Your Task

Next, you start your task.

To start your task

  1. When the Status of the task changes from Creating to Available, choose Start to open the Start task page.

  2. On the Start task page, choose Start.

  3. (Optional) In the Filtering configuration - Optional section, enter a pattern to use as a filter. This pattern defines the criteria for specific files, folders, and objects that your task transfers. These files, folders, and objects are the only ones that your task transfers. To add additional patterns to your filter, choose Add pattern. For detailed information about filtering and syntax for creating patterns, see Filtering the Data Transferred by AWS DataSync.

  4. After you have chosen your options and added your filters, choose Start.

When you create a task, it first enters the Creating state. During Creating, AWS DataSync attempts to mount the on-premises Network File System (NFS) location. The task transitions to the Available state without waiting for the AWS location to become mounted. If required, AWS DataSync mounts the AWS location before each task execution.

If an agent that is associated with an NFS location goes offline, the task transitions to the Unavailable status. If the task remains in the Creating status for more than a few minutes, your agent might be having trouble mounting the NFS file system. Check the task's ErrorCode and ErrorDetail values. Mount issues are often caused by either a misconfigured firewall or a mistyped NFS server host name.

For information about how DataSync transfers files, see How DataSync Transfers Files.