AWS DataSync
User Guide

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Understanding Task Creation Statuses

Following, you can find information about the possible statuses (phases) a task might go through when it is created.

Task Creation Statuses Meaning


AWS DataSync attempts to mount the Network File System (NFS) location. The task transitions to the AVAILABLE status without waiting for the AWS location to mount. Instead, AWS DataSync mounts an AWS location before every task execution and then unmounts it after every task execution.

If the task remains in the CREATING status for more than a few minutes, your agent might be having trouble mounting the NFS file system. Check the task's ErrorCode and ErrorDetail values. Mount issues are often caused by either a misconfigured firewall or a mistyped NFS server host name.


The task is being executed.
AVAILABLE The task is configured properly and is available to be started.


If an agent that is associated with a location goes offline, the task transitions to the UNAVAILABLE status.