General API - NICE DCV

General API


This API provides a generic information about the NICE DCV components, including the software version and architecture.

Helper structures:

VersionNumber + uint32 major + uint32 minor + uint32 revision SoftwareInfo + string name + VersionNumber version + string os + string arch + string hostname

Request message:

GetDcvInfoRequest (no fields)

Response message:

GetDcvInfoResponse + DcvRole dcv_role + int64 dcv_process_id + SoftwareInfo server_info + SoftwareInfo client_info
  • dcv_role: Enumeration, either Server or Client, tells if the parent process is DCV Client or a DCV Server.

  • dcv_process_id: The pid of the parent process: the DCV viewer on clients, the DCV user agent process on servers.

  • server_info: Information on the DCV Server, either on the local side or remote side of the DCV connection.

  • client_info: Information on the DCV Client, either on the local side or remote side of the DCV connection.


This API describes the location of the manifest file that was used to register this specific extension.

Request message:

GetManifestRequest (no fields)

Response message:

GetManifestResponse + string manifest_path
  • manifest_path: Path to the manifest file used to register the extension.