NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization
User Guide

Creating a Connection Shortcut

The Windows client enables you to create a connection shortcut file that you can use to instantly connect to a NICE DCV session.

The connection shortcut file is a .dcv file. You can manually edit the connection shortcut file using your preferred text editor. The shortcut includes the following information:

  • NICE DCV server host name

  • NICE DCV server port

  • User name

  • Proxy type

You can also add your password to the connection file using the password=MyPassword format. Adding your password to the connection shortcut file logs you in automatically after connecting to the session.


Creating and using a connection shortcut file is only supported with the Windows client.

To create a connection shortcut file

  1. Open the Windows client and connect to the server and session for which to create the shortcut.

  2. Select the NICE DCV server's host name in the top-right corner and choose Save Connection As.

  3. In the Save As window, provide a file name and destination folder, and choose Save.

  4. To connect to the session, open the file.