Importing a track in the classic music studio experience - AWS DeepComposer

Importing a track in the classic music studio experience

AWS DeepComposer supports importing tracks that are saved as .midi files and are less than 10 KB. To use this procedure, make sure you have already saved your input track to your local machine.

To import a track and use it to create a composition

  1. Open the AWS DeepComposer console.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Use the classic music studio.

  3. To open the Input melody section, choose the right arrow (▶).

  4. Change Source of input melody to Imported track.


    If you import a track longer than eight bars, only the first eight bar will be imported.

    If your imported melody contains multiple tracks, they will be automatically merged into a single track.

  5. To import your track, choose Choose file.

  6. Under Model parameters, for Generative AI technique, choose AR-CNN.

  7. Choose Enhance input melody.

    After inference is complete, you can do the following:

    • Change the Advanced parameters, choose Enhance input melody to perform inference again, and then choose Play to hear how your track has changed.

    • Choose Edit melody to modify and change the notes that were generated during inference.


    Each time you perform one of the preceding modifications, your composition is automatically save as a new composition.

  8. To listen to your new musical composition created with generative AI, choose Play (►).

To learn more, explore the generative techniques in AWS DeepComposer topic in the AWS DeepComposer Developer guide. This topic explains how you can work more collaboratively with the available generative techniques.