AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

Create and Deploy a Custom AWS DeepLens Project

Create Your Custom Project Using the AWS DeepLens Console

The following procedure creates a custom AWS DeepLens project containing a custom-trained model and inference function based on the model. You should have imported your model, created and published a custom inference &LAM; function before proceeding further.

To create a custom AWS DeepLens project using the AWS DeepLens console

The steps for creating a project encompass two screens. On the first screen you select your project. On the second screen, you specify the project's details.

  1. Open the AWS DeepLens console by naviating to from a web browser.

  2. Choose Projects, then choose Create new project.

  3. On the Choose project type page, choose Create a new blank project.

  4. On the Specify project details page, under Project information, do the following:

    1. In Project name type a name, for example, my-cat-and-dog-detection, to identify your custom project.

    2. Optionally, in Description - Optional provide a description for your custom project.

  5. Still on the Specify project details page, under Project content, do the following:

    1. Choose Add model, choose the radio button next to the name of your custom model you've imported into AWS DeepLens, and, then, choose Add model.

    2. Choose Add function, choose the radio button next to the name of your custom inference function you've created and published, and, then, choose Add function.

      If you don't see your function displayed, verify that it's published.

    3. Choose Create to start creating your custom project.

  6. On the Projects page, choose the project your just created.

  7. Choose Deploy to device and follow the on-screen instructions to deploy the project to your device.