AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

model.doInference Method

Runs inference on a video frame (image file) by applying the loaded model. The method returns the result of the inference.

Request Syntax

import awscam model = awscam.Model(model_topology_file, loading_config) result = model.doInference(video_frame)


  • video_frame—Required. A video frame from the AWS DeepLens video feeds.

Return Type

  • dict list — The inference result, as a dictionary, based on the loaded model.


Returns a dict with a single key-value pair. The key is the name of the model's output layer, which is defined by the model you use. The value is a list of dict objects in which each element is an object that the model identified and its associated probability. The user who applies the model should know how to parse the result.

Sample output:

{ 'SoftMax_67': array( [ 2.41881448e-08, 3.57339691e-09, 1.00263861e-07, 5.40415579e-09, 4.37702547e-04, 6.16787545e-08 ], dtype=float32) }