Create and Deploy a Sample Model (~ 10 mins) - AWS DeepLens

Create and Deploy a Sample Model (~ 10 mins)

In this walkthrough, you'll use the AWS DeepLens console to create an AWS DeepLens project from the Object Detection sample project template to create an AWS DeepLens project. The pre-trained object detection model can analyze images from a video stream captured on your AWS DeepLens device and identify an objects as one of as many as 20 labeled image types. The instructions presented here apply to creating and deploying other AWS DeepLens sample projects.

The following diagram presents a high-level overview of the processes to use the AWS DeepLens console to create and deploy a sample project.

            Image: Workflow for creating and deploying a sample project

When creating a sample project, the fields in the console are pre-populated for you so you can accept the defaults. In the Project content portion of the screen, you need to know the project's model and inference function. You can find the information for the individual projects in AWS DeepLens Sample Projects Overview.

Create and Deploy Your Project

Follow the steps in this procedure to create and deploy the Object Detection sample project.

To create and deploy an AWS DeepLens sample project using the AWS DeepLens console

  1. Open the AWS DeepLens console at

  2. Choose Projects, then choose Create new project.

  3. On the Choose project type page, do the following:

    1. Choose Use a project template, then choose the sample project you want to create. For this exercise, choose Object detection.

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then choose Next.

  4. On the Specify project details page, do the following:

    1. In the Project information section, do the following:

      1. Either accept the default name for the project, or enter a name you prefer.

      2. Either accept the default description for the project, or enter a description you prefer.

    2. Choose Create.

      This returns you to the Projects page where the project you just created is listed with your other projects.

  5. On the Projects page, choose the radio button to the left of your project name or choose the project to open the project details page, then choose Deploy to device.

  6. On the Target device page, from the list of AWS DeepLens devices, choose the device that you want to deploy this project to. An AWS DeepLens device can have only one project deployed to it at a time.

  7. Choose Review.

    If a project is already deployed to the device, you will see an error message that deploying this project will overwrite the project that is already running on the device. Choose Continue project.

  8. On the Review and deploy screen, review your project and choose either Previous to go back and make changes, or Deploy to deploy the project.


    Deploying a project incurs costs for the AWS services that are used to run the project.

For instructions on viewing your project's output, see Viewing AWS DeepLens Output Streams.