AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

Connect to Your AWS DeepLens Device's Wi-Fi Network

To set up your AWS DeepLens device, you must first connect your computer to the device's local Wi-Fi network, also known as the device's AMDC-NNNN network. When the Wi-Fi indicator (the middle LED light) blinks on the front of the device, this network is active and the device is in setup mode.

When you set up your device for the first time, the device is automatically booted into setup mode and ready for your computer to join its AMDC-NNNN network. To update device settings after the initial setup, you must explicitly turn on the device setup mode (instructions given below) and then have your computer rejoin the device's Wi-Fi network. If the device exits setup mode before you can finish the setup, you must reconnect your computer to the device in the same way.

While your AWS DeepLens device is in its setup mode and your computer is a member of its Wi-Fi network, you can open the device setup application, an HTML page hosted on the device's local web server, to configure the device settings. The device remains in setup mode for up to 2 hours, giving you enough time to finish configuring the device. When the setup is complete or has exceeded 2 hours, the device will exit setup mode and the Wi-Fi indicator stops blinking. The AMDC-NNNN network is then deactivated and your computer disconnected from that network and reconnected to its home or office network.

To connect to your AWS DeepLens device's Wi-Fi network

  1. Look at the bottom of your device and make note of the device's AMDC-NNNN network SSID and password.

                    Image: Bottom of device showing SSID and password
  2. Plug in your AWS DeepLens device to an AC power outlet. Press the power button on the front of the device to turn the device on.

                    Image: Plug in your device, then power it on
  3. Wait until the device has entered into setup mode when the Wi-Fi indicator (middle LED) on the front of the device starts to flash.


    If Wi-Fi indicator does not flash, the device in no longer in the setup mode. To turn on the device's setup mode again, press a paper clip into the reset pinhole on the back of the device. After you hear a click, wait about 20 seconds for the Wi-Fi indicator to blink.

  4. Open the network management tool on your computer. Choose your device's SSID from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and type the password for the device's network. The SSID and password are printed on the bottom of your device. The device's Wi-Fi network's SSID has the AMDC-NNNN format.

                    Image: Device SSID and list of networks

    On a computer running Windows, choose Connecting using a security key instead instead of Enter the PIN from the router label (usually 8 digits) and then enter your device's Wi-Fi password.

                    Image: Type device SSID in Windows

After successfully connecting your computer to the device's Wi-Fi network, you're now ready to launch the device setup application to configure your device.

To launch the device setup app, do one of the following:

  • For the initial registration using the AWS DeepLens console, go back to the Connect to your device page and choose Next.

                    Image: connect to device in AWS device registration.
  • For updating the device settings after the initial registration, open a web browser tab and enter or http://deeplens.config in the address bar.


    If the above URL doesn't work, your AWS DeepLens device may have the awscam software version 1.3.5 or earlier installed. In this case, update the device software and try it again.

    Alternatively, instead of or http://deeplens.config, you can open the device setup page by using one of the following URLs, depending on the software version on your AWS DeepLens device.

    •, if the AWS DeepLens software package (awscam) version is less than 1.2.4

    •, if the AWS DeepLens software package (awscam) version is greater than or equal to 1.2.4

    For more information, see Device Setup URL.