AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

Set Up Your AWS DeepLens Device

After connecting to your AWS DeepLens device's Wi-Fi network, you must set up the device to complete the device registration. To set up your device, you:

  1. Configure device connection to the AWS Cloud through your home/office Wi-Fi network or wired Ethernet

  2. Upload the device certificate that you downloaded in Register Your AWS DeepLens Device" to the device. Your device will present this device certificate to the AWS Cloud to access the AWS DeepLens service and other AWS services.

  3. Download the streaming certificate from your device. You must upload this streaming certificate to each supported web browser in order to view device output using the web browser.

  4. Create a password for you and an administrator. You use this password to log in to the device to manage updates and troubleshoot any device issues.

  5. Enable or disable SSH connection. Enabling SSH lets you log into the device without using the AWS DeepLens console.

  6. Enable automatic software updates to keep your device's software up-to-date.

The set up procedure uses the web application that you enabled when you connected your computer to your device's Wi-Fi network If you haven't connected your work computer to your device's Wi-Fi network (AMDC-NNNN), do that now.

To set up your device

  1. On the AWS DeepLens device console, on the Setup guide page, choose complete the setup to open the device setup application.

                    Image: Device setup guide page on the console

    Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to open the device setup application manually:

    1. On the computer connected to the device's (AMDC-NNNN) Wi-Fi network, open a browser window.

    2. If your AWS DeepLens device has awscam software version 1.3.6 or later installed, in the browser, navigate to http://deeplens.config to launch the device setup app. Otherwise, navigate to For more information, see Device Setup URL.

  2. On the Device setup page, complete the following steps.

    1. Connect to the network.

      Type the your home/office Wi-Fi network name (i.e., SSID) and the password, then choose Next. If you're using Ethernet to connect to AWS DeepLens, choose the Ethernet option.

    2. Upload the device certificate.

      Locate and choose the certificate that you downloaded from the AWS DeepLens console when registering the device, then choose Upload certificate.

      The downloaded device certificate is saved as a .zip file. Upload the unzipped device certificate file.

    3. Download the streaming certificate

    4. Configure device access by completing the following steps..

      1. For Create a password for the device, type a password. You need this password to log in to your device to maintain and update your AWS DeepLens device. You can log in remotely using SSH, if enabled, or locally using a hardwired monitor, a USB mouse and/or a USB keyboard.

      2. For SSH server, we recommend that you choose Disable. SSH allows you to log in without using the AWS DeepLens console.

      3. For Automatic updates, we recommend that you choose Enable. Automatic updates keeps the most recent software deployed to your device. You will need to restart the device to have the updates installed.

    5. Review the settings and choose Finish to finish setting up the device and to terminate your connection to the device's Wi-Fi network.

      To change settings, choose Edit for the setting that you want to change, and then choose Finish..

This completes the device registration. To verify the device status, go to the next step.