AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

Verify Your AWS DeepLens Device Registration Status

After the device setup is complete, choose Open AWS DeepLens console to verify the registration status.

                Image: Device setup result page

Device registration takes a few minutes to process. When the registration completes successfully, Registration status changes to Registered. If the process fails, Registration status becomes Failed. In this case, choose Deregister and then start the registration all over again. When the registration is interrupted or otherwise incomplete, Registration status remains Awaiting credentials. In this case, reconnect to the device's AMDC-NNNN Wi-Fi network to resume the registration.

When the device's Registration status and Device status becomes Registered and Online, respectively, you're ready to create and deploy a project to your AWS DeepLens device. For example, you can follow these instructions to test your device by creating and deploying a sample project and inspecting a project output.