AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

Prepare Input Data for Training In Amazon SageMaker

The original head pose image database (HeadPoseImageDatabase.tar.gz file) consists of a set of images (.jpeg files) and labels (.txt files) of head poses of 15 persons in a series of tilt and pan positions. They must be transformed to a single .pkl file as the input to an Amazon SageMaker training job.

To prepare the training data, you can use the preprocessing script ( provided in the Head Pose Sample Project on Github. You can run this script on your computer locally or on the AWS Cloud through a Python Notebook instance. In this section, you'll learn how to prepare the training data locally. You'll learn how to do it in a Notebook instance in Train a Head Pose Detection Model in Amazon SageMaker.

  1. Open a terminal and change directory to the directory where to you downloaded the head pose sample project.

  2. Run the following Python (version 2.7) command

    python --num-data-aug 15 --aspect-ratio 1

    If you get an error stating that the cv2 module is not found, run the following command to install the missing module:

    python -m pip install opencv-python

    Then, rerun the preprocessing script.

    The process takes 15-20 hours to complete. The preprocessing script outputs the results as the HeadPoseData_trn_test_x15_py2.pkl file in the current working directory.

  3. Upload the preprocessed training data (HeadPoseData_trn_test_x15_py2.pkl) file into the deeplens-sagemaker-models-<my-name>/headpose/datasets folder in Amazon S3. You can do this using the Amazon S3 console or, as shown as follows, using the following AWS CLI command:

    aws s3 cp HeadPoseData_trn_test_x15_py2.pkl s3://deeplens-sagemaker-models-<my-name>/headpose/datasets


Instead of running locally, you can prepare the input data on the AWS Cloud by a code cell in a Amazon SageMaker notebook instance, where cv2 and Python 2.7 (python2) are readily available, and run the commands in Step 2 and Step 3, respectively, as follows:

!python2 --num-data-aug 15 --aspect-ratio 1


!aws s3 cp HeadPoseData_trn_test_x15_py2.pkl s3://deeplens-sagemaker-models-<my-name>/headpose/datasets

You notebook instance needs to run on a sufficiently powerful EC2 instance of, e.g., the ml.p2.xlarge type.

Now that we have the input data prepared and stored in S3, we're ready to train the model.