AWS DeepLens
Developer Guide

Get the AWS Sample Project on GitHub

This tutorial is based on the head pose detection sample project. The sample project's source code, including the preprocessing script used to prepare for input data from the original Head Pose Image Database, is available on GitHub.

                Image: Github project view for the head pose detection tutorial

The HeadPose_ResNet50_Tutorial.ipynb file provides a Notebook template as a starting point to learn and explore training our model. The can be used as-is to prepare input data for training.

You can download and uncompress the zipped GitHub project file to a local drive. Or you can clone the GitHub project. To clone the project, open a terminal window and type the following Git command in a given working directory:

git clone

By default, the downloaded or cloned project folder is headpose-estimator-apache-mxnet-master. We will use this default folder name for the project folder throughout this tutorial.

Having the GitHub project as a template, we're now ready to start building our project by setting up the project's data store in S3.