What Is AWS DeepLens? - AWS DeepLens

What Is AWS DeepLens?

AWS DeepLens is a deep learning-enabled video camera. It is integrated with the several AWS machine learning services and can perform local inference against deployed models provisioned from the AWS Cloud. It enables you learn and explore the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technology for developing computer vision applications based on a deep learning model.

As a beginner to machine learning, you can use AWS DeepLens to explore deep learning through hands-on tutorials based on deep learning sample projects. Each sample project contains a pre-trained model and a straightforward inference function.

As a seasoned practitioner, you can use the AWS DeepLens development environment to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) model and then deploy your computer vision application project containing the model to the AWS DeepLens device. You can train the model in any of the supported deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, MXNet, and TensorFlow.

To create and run an AWS DeepLens-based computer vision application project, you typically use the following AWS services:

  • Use the SageMaker service to train and validate a CNN model or import a pre-trained model.

  • Use the AWS Lambda service to create a project function to make inferences of video frames off the camera feeds against the model.

  • Use the AWS DeepLens service to create a computer vision application project that consists of the model and inference function.

  • Use the AWS IoT Greengrass service to deploy the application project and a Lambda runtime to your AWS DeepLens device, in addition to the software or configuration updates.

This means that you must grant appropriate permissions to access these AWS services.