Create an AWS DeepRacer Student community race - AWS DeepRacer

Create an AWS DeepRacer Student community race

You can set up a virtual race quickly using the default student community race settings.

Student community races are asynchronous events that do not require real-time interaction. Participants must receive an invitation link to submit a model to the race and view the leaderboard. Racers can submit unlimited models at any time within a date range to climb the leaderboard. Results and videos for classic races are viewable for submitted models on the leaderboard page as soon as the race is initiated.

To begin creating a student community race
  1. Open the AWS DeepRacer console.

  2. On the Community races page, choose Student community race.

  3. Select Create race.

    Create a AWS DeepRacer Student community race.
  4. Enter an original, descriptive name for the race.

  5. Specify the start date and time of the event in 24-hour format. The AWS DeepRacer console automatically recognizes your time zone. Also enter an end date and time.

  6. To use the default race settings, choose Next. When you're ready to learn about all of your options, go to Customize an AWS DeepRacer Student community race.

  7. On the Review race details page, check the race specifications. To make changes, choose Edit or Previous to return to the Race details page. When you're ready to get the invitation link, choose Submit.

  8. To share your race, choose Copy and paste the link into the suggested email template, text messages, and your favorite social media applications. All races can be seen only by Only racers with an invitation link can see a race. The link expires on the race's close date.

    Copy the invitation link to share your student community race.
  9. As your student race time frame comes to a close, take note of who has entered a model and who still needs to do so under Racers on the Manage races page.

Choose Manage races to change the race track selected, add a race description, pick a ranking method, decide how many resets racers are allowed, determine the minimum number of laps an RL model must complete to qualify for your race, set the off-track penalty, and customize other race details.


You will only see your students' aliases in the Racers tab and on the Leaderboard, so make note of which alias is associated with which student.