AWS DeepRacer
Developer Guide

This is prerelease documentation for a service in preview release. It is subject to change.

Inspect Your AWS DeepRacer Vehicle

The first AWS DeepRacer vehicle available is the AWS DeepRacer car. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled and battery-powered 1/18 scale model car with a camera mounted on the front and a compute module on the chassis. The scale model car, also known as the scale car, is capable of driving itself by running inference in the compute module, based on a deployed reinforcement learning model. Without deploying any reinforcement learning model, you can drive the manually.

Specification of AWS DeepRacer Car

Your AWS DeepRacer vehicle consists of the following modules and accessories:

                    Image: AWS DeepRacer vehicle parts.

Module Comments
Chassis (1) Including the camera (1a) and the compute module (1b).
Compute module (1b) To run inference on a trained AWS DeepRacer model for autonomous driving.
Camera (1a) To interact with the vehicle's environment. Images captured by the camera can be streamed into the streaming video player on the vehicle's device console
Compute module battery (2) To power the compute module to run inference on a downloaded AWS DeepRacer model.
Compute module-battery connector cable (3) USB C-to-USB C cable to connect the compute module (1b) with the battery (2).
Compute module power cord (4) To charge the compute module and the compute module battery.
Compute module power adapter (5) To charge the compute module and the compute module battery.
Pins (6) Including the spare ones (in black), to fasten parts to the chassis.
Cover (7) To be removed when setting up the vehicle.
Drive module power charger (8) To charge the drive module battery.
Drive module power adapter (9) To charge the drive module battery.
Drive module battery (10) To power the vehicle drive module.
USB-to-μUSB cable (11) To support USB-OTG functionality.

To get your AWS DeepRacer vehicle running, make sure that you have following items ready:

  • A computer with a USB port and access to the internet.

  • A USB flash drive.

  • A Wi-Fi network.

  • An AWS account.