Restore Your AWS DeepRacer Vehicle to Factory Settings - AWS DeepRacer

Restore Your AWS DeepRacer Vehicle to Factory Settings

Follow the instructions here to restore your AWS DeepRacer vehicle to its factory settings. Make sure you have made proper preparations as described in Preparing for the Factory Reset of Your AWS DeepRacer Vehicle.


After the factory reset, all data stored on your AWS DeepRacer vehicle will be erased.

To restore your AWS DeepRacer vehicle to its factory settings

  1. Connect your AWS DeepRacer vehicle to a monitor. You'll need an HDMI-to-HDMI, HDMI-to-DVI, or similar cable. Insert a compatable end of the cable into the HDMI port on the vehicle's chassis and plug the other end into a supported display port on the monitor.

  2. Connect a USB keyboard and mouse. There are three AWS DeepRacer compute module USB ports in the front of the vehicle, on either side of, and including the port the camera is plugged into. A fourth USB port is found at the back of the vehicle. From above, the USB port is located in the space between the compute battery and the LED tail light.

  3. Insert the prepared USB drive into an open port in your compute module. Turn on the power and repeatedly press the ESC key to enter BIOS.

  4. From the BIOS window, choose Boot From File, then The option with USB in it, then EFI, then BOOT, and finally BOOTx64.EFI.

  5. After the compute module is booted, wait for the device reset to start automatically when the power LED indicator starts to flash and a terminal window is presented to display the progress. You don't provide any further user input at this stage.

    If some error happens and the recovery fails, restart the procedure from Step 1. For detailed error messages, see the result.log file generated on the USB drive.

  6. Wait for about 6 minutes for the power LED to stop flashing when the terminal closes automatically and the factory reset completes. The device then reboots itself automatically.

  7. After the device is restored to factory settings, disconnect the USB drive from the vehicle's compute module.

After the factory reset, your AWS DeepRacer vehicle software is likely outdated. To update the vehicle software, go to the AWS DeepRacer device console and follow the instructions.