Setting up Amazon Detective - Amazon Detective

The content from the Amazon Detective Administration Guide is now consolidated into the Amazon Detective User Guide. Amazon Detective Administration Guide will reach its end of standard support on May 08, 2024.

Setting up Amazon Detective

When you enable Amazon Detective, Detective creates a Region-specific behavior graph that has your account as its administrator account. This is initially the only account in the behavior graph. The administrator account can then invite other AWS accounts to contribute their data to the behavior graph. See Managing accounts.

Enabling Detective in a Region for the first time also begins a 30-day free trial for the behavior graph. If the account disables Detective and then enables it again, no free trial is available. See About the free trial for behavior graphs.

After the free trial, each account in the behavior graph is billed for the data they contribute to it. The administrator account can track the usage and see the total projected cost for a typical 30-day period for their entire behavior graph. For more information, see Monitoring usage and cost for a behavior graph (administrator account). Member accounts can track the usage and projected cost for the behavior graphs that they belong to. For more information, see Monitoring usage and cost across behavior graphs (member account).