About the free trial for behavior graphs - Amazon Detective

About the free trial for behavior graphs

Amazon Detective provides a 30-day free trial for each account in each Region. The free trial for an account starts the first time one of the following actions occurs.

  • An account enables Detective manually and becomes the administrator account for a behavior graph.

  • An account is designated as the Detective administrator account for an organization in AWS Organizations, and has Detective enabled for the first time.

  • If the Detective administrator account already had Detective enabled before they were designated, then the account does not start a new 30-day free trial.

  • An account accepts an invitation to be a member account in a behavior graph and is enabled as a member account.

  • An organization account is enabled as a member account by the Detective administrator account.

The free trial lasts for 30 days from that point. The account is not billed for any data processed during that period. When the trial period ends, Detective begins to bill the account for the data it contributes to behavior graphs. For more information about how you can track your Detective activity, monitor usage and view the projected cost see Forecasting and monitoring Amazon Detective costs. For more information on pricing, see Detective pricing

The same 30-day period is used for all behavior graphs in the Region. For example, an account is enabled as a member account for a behavior graph. This starts the 30-day free trial. After 10 days, the account is enabled for a second behavior graph in the same Region. For the second behavior graph, the account receives 20 days of free data.

The free trial provides multiple benefits:

Free trial for optional data sources

Detective also provides a free 30-day trial for optional data sources. This free trial is separate from the free trial provided for the core Detective data sources when Detective is first enabled.


If a customer disables an optional data source package within 7 days of enabling it, Detective does a one-time automatic reset of the free trial for that data source package if it is enabled again.

To enable or disable an optional data source see Types of optional data sources in Detective.