Stop a run in AWS Device Farm - AWS Device Farm

Stop a run in AWS Device Farm

You might want to stop a run after you have started it. For example, if you notice an issue while your tests are running you might want to restart the run with an updated test script.

You can use the Device Farm console, AWS CLI, or API to stop a run.

Stop a run (console)

  1. Sign in to the Device Farm console at

  2. On the Device Farm navigation panel, choose Mobile Device Testing, then choose Projects.

  3. Choose the project where you have an active test run.

  4. On the Automated tests page, choose the test run.

    The pending or running icon should appear to the left of the device name.

                    Device Farm - Stop a test run
  5. Choose Stop run.

    After a short time, an icon with a red circle with a minus inside it appears next to the device name. When the run has been stopped, the icon color changes from red to black.


    If a test has already been run, Device Farm cannot stop it. If a test is in progress, Device Farm stops the test. The total minutes for which you will be billed appears in the Devices section. In addition, you will also be billed for the total minutes that Device Farm takes to run the setup suite and the teardown suite. For more information, see Device Farm Pricing.

    The following image shows an example Devices section after a test run was successfully stopped.

                    Device Farm - Details page of a stopped run

Stop a run (AWS CLI)

You can run the following command to stop the specified test run, where myARN is the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the test run.

$ aws devicefarm stop-run --arn myARN

You should see output similar to the following:

{ "run": { "status": "STOPPING", "name": "Name of your run", "created": 1458329687.951, "totalJobs": 7, "completedJobs": 5, "deviceMinutes": { "unmetered": 0.0, "total": 0.0, "metered": 0.0 }, "platform": "ANDROID_APP", "result": "PENDING", "billingMethod": "METERED", "type": "BUILTIN_EXPLORER", "arn": "myARN", "counters": { "skipped": 0, "warned": 0, "failed": 0, "stopped": 0, "passed": 0, "errored": 0, "total": 0 } } }

To get the ARN of your run, use the list-runs command. The output should be similar to the following:

{ "runs": [ { "status": "RUNNING", "name": "Name of your run", "created": 1458329687.951, "totalJobs": 7, "completedJobs": 5, "deviceMinutes": { "unmetered": 0.0, "total": 0.0, "metered": 0.0 }, "platform": "ANDROID_APP", "result": "PENDING", "billingMethod": "METERED", "type": "BUILTIN_EXPLORER", "arn": "Your ARN will be here", "counters": { "skipped": 0, "warned": 0, "failed": 0, "stopped": 0, "passed": 0, "errored": 0, "total": 0 } } ] }

For information about using Device Farm with the AWS CLI, see AWS CLI reference.

Stop a run (API)

  • Call the StopRun operation to the test run.

For information about using the Device Farm API, see Automating Device Farm.