Use a remote access session in AWS Device Farm - AWS Device Farm

Use a remote access session in AWS Device Farm

For information about performing interactive testing of Android and iOS apps through remote access sessions, see Sessions.


  • Create a session. Follow the instructions in Create a session, and then return to this page.

Use a session in the Device Farm console

As soon as the device that you requested for a remote access session becomes available, the console displays the device screen. The session has a maximum length of 150 minutes. The time remaining in the session appears in the Time Left field near the device name.

Installing an application

To install an application on the session device, in Install applications, select Choose File, and then choose the .apk file (Android) or the .ipa file (iOS) that you want to install. Applications that you run in a remote access session don't require any test instrumentation or provisioning.


AWS Device Farm doesn't display a confirmation after an app is installed. Try interacting with the app icon to see if the app is ready to use.

When you upload an app, there's sometimes a delay before the app is available. Look at the system tray to determine whether the app is available.

Controlling the device

You can interact with the device displayed in the console as you would the actual physical device, by using your mouse or a comparable device for touch and the device's on-screen keyboard. For Android devices, there are buttons in View controls that function like the Home and Back buttons on an Android device. For iOS devices, there is a Home button that functions like the home button on an iOS device. You can also switch between applications running on the device by choosing Recent Apps.

Switching between portrait and landscape mode

You can also switch between portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) mode for the devices that you're using.

Next steps

Device Farm continues the session until you stop it manually or the 150-minute time limit is reached. To end the session, choose Stop Session. After the session stops, you can access the video that was captured and the logs that were generated. For more information, see Get session results.

Tips and tricks

You might experience performance issues with the remote access session in some AWS Regions. This is due, in part, to latency in some Regions. If you experience performance issues, give the remote access session a chance to catch up before you interact with the app again.