AWS Device Farm
Developer Guide (API Version 2015-06-23)

Post-test and cleanup in AWS Device Farm

The following provides an overview of the steps AWS takes to clean up and/or destroy devices following your usage of Device Farm, depending upon your Device Farm deployment.

Public Device Fleets

After test execution completes, Device Farm performs a series of cleanup tasks on each device in the public device fleet, including uninstallation of your app. If we cannot verify uninstallation of your app or any of the other cleanup steps, the device will be factory reset before being put back into use.


It is possible for data to persist between sessions in some cases, especially if you make use of the device system outside the context of your app. For this reason, and because Device Farm captures video and logs of activity taking place during your use of each device, it is recommended that you avoid providing or entering sensitive information such as account info (e.g., Google Account, Apple ID), personal information, and other security-sensitive details during your automated test and remote access sessions.

Private Devices

After expiration or termination of your private device contract, the device will be removed from use and securely destroyed in accordance with AWS destruction policies.