AWS Device Farm
Developer Guide (API Version 2015-06-23)

Reports in AWS Device Farm

The following sections contain information about Device Farm reports.

A report in Device Farm contains information about a run, which is a request for Device Farm to test a single app against one or more devices.

Report Retention

Device Farm stores your reports for 400 days. These reports include metadata, logs, screenshots, and performance data.

Report Components

Reports in Device Farm contain pass and fail information, crash reports, test and device logs, screenshots, and performance data.

Reports include both detailed per-device data as well as high-level results, such as the number of occurrences of a given problem.

Performance Samples in Reports

During a test run, Device Farm captures performance samples every second.

Logs in Reports

Reports include complete logcat captures for Android tests and complete Device Console Logs for iOS tests.

Common Tasks for Reports

For more information, see Analyze a Report.