AWS Device Farm
Developer Guide (API Version 2015-06-23)

Working with Web App Tests in AWS Device Farm

Device Farm provides support for the following test types for working with web applications.

Rules for Metered and Unmetered Devices

Metering refers to billing for devices. By default, Device Farm devices are metered and you are charged per minute after the free trial minutes are used up. You can also choose to purchase unmetered devices, which allow unlimited testing for a flat monthly fee. For more information about pricing, see AWS Device Farm Pricing.

If you choose to start a run with a device pool that contains both iOS and Android devices, there are rules for metered and unmetered devices. For example, if you have five unmetered Android devices and five unmetered iOS devices, your web test runs use your unmetered devices.

Here is another example: Suppose you have five unmetered Android devices and 0 unmetered iOS devices. If you select only Android devices for your web run, your unmetered devices are used. If you select both Android and iOS devices for your web run, the billing method is metered, and your unmetered devices are not used.