Using Artifacts in a Custom Test Environment - AWS Device Farm

Using Artifacts in a Custom Test Environment

                    Device Farm hierarchy of operations in a custom test environment

In a custom test environment, Device Farm gathers artifacts such as custom reports, log files, and images. These artifacts are available for each device in the test run.

You can download these artifacts created during your test run:

Test spec output

The output from running the commands in the test spec YAML file.

Customer artifacts

A zipped file that contains the artifacts from the test run. It is configured in the artifacts: section of your test spec YAML file.

Test spec shell script

An intermediate shell script file created from your YAML file. Because it is used in the test run, the shell script file can be used for debugging the YAML file.

Test spec file

The YAML file used in the test run.

For more information, see Working With Artifacts in Device Farm.