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Monitor your current account

If you choose to monitor applications in your current AWS account, choose which AWS resources in your account and Region are covered or analyzed and specify one or two Amazon Simple Notification Service topics that are used to notify you when an insight is created. You can update these settings later as needed.

Enable DevOps Guru to monitor applications in your current AWS account
  1. Open the Amazon DevOps Guru console at

  2. Choose Monitor applications in the current AWS account as the setup type.

  3. In DevOps Guru analysis coverage, choose one of the following.

    DevOps Guru can analyze any resource that is associated with the AWS account it supports. For more information about the supported services and resources, see Amazon DevOps Guru pricing.

  4. You can add up to two topics. DevOps Guru uses the topic or topics to notify you about important DevOps Guru events, such as the creation of a new insight. If you don't specify a topic now, you can add one later by choosing Settings in the navigation pane.

    1. In Specify an Amazon SNS topic, choose a topic to use.

    2. To add an Amazon SNS topic, do one of the following.

      • Choose Generate a new SNS topic using email. Then, from Specify the email address, enter the email address you want to receive notifications. To enter in additional email addresses, choose Add new email.

      • Choose Use an existing SNS topic. Then, from Choose a topic in your AWS account, choose the topic you want to use.

      • Choose Use an existing SNS topic ARN to specify an existing topic from another account. Then, in Enter an ARN for a topic, enter the topic ARN. The ARN is the topic's Amazon Resource Name. You can specify a topic in a different account. If you use a topic in another account, you must add a resource policy to the topic. For more information, see Permissions for Amazon SNS topics.

  5. Choose Enable.