AWS Direct Connect
API Reference (API Version 2012-10-25)


You can create one or more AWS Direct Connect private virtual interfaces linking to your virtual private gateway.

Virtual private gateways can be managed using the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) console or the Amazon EC2 CreateVpnGateway action.



The ID of the virtual private gateway to a VPC. This only applies to private virtual interfaces.

Example: vgw-123er56

Type: String

Required: No


State of the virtual private gateway.

  • Pending: This is the initial state after calling CreateVpnGateway.

  • Available: Ready for use by a private virtual interface.

  • Deleting: This is the initial state after calling DeleteVpnGateway.

  • Deleted: In this state, a private virtual interface is unable to send traffic over this gateway.

Type: String

Required: No

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