AWS Direct Connect
User Guide

Deleting Connections

You can delete a connection as long as there are no virtual interfaces attached to it. Deleting your connection stops all port hour charges for this connection. AWS Direct Connect data transfer charges are associated with virtual interfaces. Any cross connect or network circuit charges are independent of AWS Direct Connect and must be cancelled separately. For more information about how to delete a virtual interface, see Deleting Virtual Interfaces.

If the connection is part of a link aggregation group (LAG), you cannot delete the connection if doing so causes the LAG to fall below its setting for the minimum number of operational connections.

To delete a connection

  1. Open the AWS Direct Connect console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Connections.

  3. Select the connections and choose Delete.

  4. In the Delete confirmation dialog box, choose Delete.

To delete a connection using the command line or API