AWS Direct Connect
User Guide

Updating a LAG

You can update a LAG to change its name, or to change the value for the minimum number of operational connections., or to add a tag, or remove a tag.


If you adjust the threshold value for the minimum number if operational connections, ensure that the new value does not cause the LAG to fall below the threshold and become non-operational.

To update a LAG

  1. Open the AWS Direct Connect console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose LAGs.

  3. Select the LAG and choose Edit.

  4. Modify the LAG

    [Change the name] For LAG Name, enter a new LAG name.

    [Adjust the minimum number of connections] For Minimum Links, enter minimum number of operational connections.

    [Add a tag] Choose Add tag and do the following:

    • For Key, enter the key name.

    • For Value, enter the key value.

    [Remove a tag] Beside the tag, choose Remove tag.

  5. Choose Edit LAG.

To update a LAG using the command line or API

To add a tag or remove a tag using the command line