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The following tables list related resources that you'll find useful as you work with this service.

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Cloud Directory Sample Java Code
Cloud Directory Blog Posts Description
How to Search More Efficiently in Amazon Cloud Directory This blog post explains about searching more efficiently using facet-based indexing. It also includes sample Java code.
How to Easily Apply Amazon Cloud Directory Schema Changes with In-Place Schema Upgrades This blog post explains about performing an in-place schema upgrade for any operational (running) Cloud Directory. It also includes sample Java code.
Write and Read Multiple Objects in Amazon Cloud Directory by Using Batch Operations Explains about using Batch Read and Write. It also includes sample Java code.
How to Use Batch References in Amazon Cloud Directory to Refer to New Objects in a Batch Request Explains about using Batch Reference. It also includes sample Java code.
Cloud Directory Update – Support for Typed Links Explains about creating and searching relationships across hierarchies in Cloud Directory by using typed links. It also includes sample Java code.
New Cloud Directory API Makes It Easier to Query Data Along Multiple Dimensions Explains how to query for data across multiple dimensions with a single call using the ListObjectParentPaths API.
How to Create an Organizational Chart with Separate Hierarchies by Using Amazon Cloud Directory Explains how to create a schema and a directory with sample Java code.
Amazon Cloud Directory – A Cloud-Native Directory for Hierarchical Data Describes the launch of Cloud Directory as a new service from AWS.
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