Creating an access URL - AWS Directory Service

Creating an access URL

An access URL is used with AWS applications and services, such as Amazon WorkDocs, to reach a login page that is associated with your directory. The URL must be unique globally. You can create an access URL for your directory by performing the following steps.


Once you create an application access URL for this directory, it cannot be changed. After an access URL is created, it cannot be used by others. If you delete your directory, the access URL is also deleted and can then be used by any other account.


Access URL is a Regional feature of AWS Managed Microsoft AD. If you are using Multi-Region replication, the following procedures must be applied separately in each Region. For more information, see Global vs Regional features.

To create an access URL

  1. In the AWS Directory Service console navigation pane, select Directories.

  2. On the Directories page, choose your directory ID.

  3. On the Directory details page, do one of the following:

    • If you have multiple Regions showing under Multi-Region replication, select the Region where you want to create your access URL, and then choose the Application management tab. For more information, see Primary vs additional Regions.

    • If you do not have any regions showing under Multi-Region replication, choose the Application management tab.

  4. In the Application access URL section, if an access URL has not been assigned to the directory, the Create button is displayed. Enter a directory alias and choose Create. If an Entity Already Exists error is returned, the specified directory alias has already been allocated. Choose another alias and repeat this procedure.

    Your access URL is displayed in the format <alias> By default, this URL will take you to the sign-in page for Amazon WorkDocs.