Add alternate UPN suffixes - AWS Directory Service

Add alternate UPN suffixes

You can simplify the management of Active Directory (AD) login names and improve the user login experience by adding alternate user principal name (UPN) suffixes to your AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory. To do that, you must be logged on with the Admin account or with an account that is a member of the AWS Delegated User Principal Name Suffix Administrators group. For more information about this group, see What gets created.

To add alternate UPN suffixes

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. Locate an Amazon EC2 instance that is joined to your AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory. Select the instance and then choose Connect.

  3. In the Server Manager window, choose Tools. Then choose Active Directory Domains and Trusts.

  4. In the left pane, right-click Active Directory Domains and Trusts and then choose Properties .

  5. In the UPN Suffixes tab, type an alternative UPN suffix (such as Choose Add and then choose Apply.

  6. If you need to add additional alternative UPN suffixes, repeat step 5 until you have the UPN suffixes you require.