AWS Directory Service
Administration Guide (Version 1.0)

When to Extend Your Microsoft AD Schema

You can extend your Microsoft AD schema by adding new object classes and attributes. For example, you might do this if you have an application that requires changes to your schema in order to support single sign-on capabilities.

You can also use schema extensions to enable support for applications that rely on specific Active Directory object classes and attributes. This can be especially useful in the case where you need to migrate corporate applications that are dependent on Microsoft AD, to the AWS cloud.

Each attribute or class that is added to an existing Active Directory schema must be defined with a unique ID. That way when companies add extensions to the schema, they can be guaranteed to be unique and not to conflict with each other. These IDs are referred to as AD Object Identifiers (OIDs) and are stored in Microsoft AD.

To get started, see Tutorial: Extending Your Microsoft AD Schema.

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