AWS Directory Service
Administration Guide (Version 1.0)

Limits for Simple AD

Generally, you should not add more than 500 users to a Small Simple AD directory and no more than 5,000 users to a Large Simple AD directory. For more flexible scaling options and additional Active Directory features, consider using AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition) instead.

The following are the default limits for Simple AD. Each limit is per region unless otherwise noted.

Simple AD Limits

Resource Default Limit
Simple AD directories 10
Manual snapshots * 5 per Simple AD

* The manual snapshot limit cannot be changed.

Increase Your Limit

Perform the following steps to increase your limit for a region.

To request a limit increase for a region

  1. Go to the AWS Support Center page, sign in, if necessary, and click Open a new case.

  2. Under Regarding, select Service Limit Increase.

  3. Under Limit Type, select AWS Directory Service.

  4. Fill in all of the necessary fields in the form and click the button at the bottom of the page for your desired method of contact.

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