Getting Started - Deep Learning AMI

Getting Started

How to Get Started with the DLAMI

This guide includes tips about picking the DLAMI that's right for you, selecting an instance type that fits your use case and budget, and Related Information that describes custom setups that may be of interest.

If you're new to using AWS or using Amazon EC2, start with the Deep Learning AMI with Conda. If you're familiar with Amazon EC2 and other AWS services like Amazon EMR, Amazon EFS, or Amazon S3, and are interested in integrating those services for projects that need distributed training or inference, then check out Related Information to see if one fits your use case.

We recommend that you check out Choosing Your DLAMI to get an idea of which instance type might be best for your application.

Another option is this quick tutorial: Launch a AWS Deep Learning AMI (in 10 minutes).

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Choosing Your DLAMI