Deep Learning AMI
Developer Guide

EC2 Console

  1. Open the EC2 Console.

  2. Note your current region in the top-most navigation. If this isn't your desired AWS Region, change this option before proceeding. For more information, see EC2 Regions.

  3. Choose Launch Instance.

  4. Search for the desired instance by name:

    1. Choose AWS Marketplace, or...

    2. Choose QuickStart. Only a subset of available DLAMI will be listed here.

    3. Search for Deep Learning AMI. Also look for the subtype, such as your desired OS, and if you want Base, Conda, Source, etc.

    4. Browse the options, and then click Select on your choice.

  5. Review the details, and then choose Continue.

  6. Choose an instance type.


    If you want to use Elastic Inference (EI), click Configure Instance Details, select Add an Amazon EI accelerator, then select the size of the Amazon EI accelerator.

  7. Choose Review and Launch.

  8. Review the details and pricing. Choose Launch.


Check out Get Started with Deep Learning Using the AWS Deep Learning AMI for a walk-through with screenshots!

Next Step

Step 2: Connect to the DLAMI