Deep Learning AMI
Developer Guide

DLAMI Operating System Options

DLAMIs are offered in the operating systems listed below. If you're more familiar with CentOS or RedHat, you will be more comfortable with AWS Deep Learning AMI Amazon Linux Options or AWS Deep Learning AMI Amazon Linux 2 Options. Otherwise, you may find the AWS Deep Learning AMI, Ubuntu Options more to your liking.

If you need Windows as your OS, then you have a couple options found here: AWS Deep Learning AMI, Windows Options.

Choose one of the operating systems and review their full list in the Appendix, or go on to the next steps for picking your AMI and instance type.

As mentioned in the Getting Started overview, you have a few options for accessing a DLAMI, but first you should assess what instance type you need. You should also identify the AWS region that you're going to use.

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Selecting the Instance Type for DLAMI