The ARM64 DLAMI - Deep Learning AMI


AWS ARM64 GPU DLAMIs are designed to provide high performance and cost efficiency for deep learning workloads. Specifically, the G5g instance type features the Arm64-based AWS Graviton2 processor, which was built from the ground up by AWS and optimized for how customers run their workloads in the cloud. AWS ARM64 GPU DLAMIs are pre-configured with Docker, NVIDIA Docker, NVIDIA Driver, CUDA, CuDNN, NCCL, as well as popular machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

With the G5g instance type, you can take advantage of the price and performance benefits of Graviton2 to deploy GPU-accelerated deep learning models at a significantly lower cost when compared with x86-based instances with GPU acceleration.

Select a ARM64 DLAMI

Launch a G5g instance with the ARM64 DLAMI of your choice.

For step-by-step instructions on launching a DLAMI, seeĀ Launching and Configuring a DLAMI.

For a list of the most recent ARM64 DLAMIs, see the Release Notes for DLAMI.

Get Started

The following topics show you how to get started using the ARM64 DLAMI.